Android Rooting

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For those of you who are new to Android system,one thing you should know is that it runs on linux.

Most of the apps you might use are accessible by a normal user.But if you want to use the full capability of your android phone,

you will require apps that need super-user authority (like Administrator in Windows).In order to completely utilize  the power of android , you might have to consider rooting.

Most companies try and prevent you from screwing their products, but lets face it life is just too boring by following what others tell you. If you are serious about rooting your phone, then lets get started..

A piece of advice you can always “unroot” your phone, if things go bad and the manufacturer will not be aware of your rooting.

Also many companies deny service to phones the detect as rooted so take care (and clean up well!).

Before starting a couple things that need to be done:

  • Take Backup now!
  • Install the USB driver for your device.
  • Full charge.

The rooting methods explained are applications that run on Windows, you can try using Wine in Ubuntu or any other technique but no guarantee it works in that case.

  1. Enable USB Debugging in  Settings->Applications->Development.
  2. Download UnlockRoot or SuperOneClick.
  3. Check whether the application supports your device UnlockRoot or XDA Forums for SuperOneClick.
  4. Once confirmed , connect your device to your PC.
  5. Run “UnlockRoot.exe” or “SuperOneClick.exe“.Wait till application detects your device.
  6. For UnlockRoot select your device and press the root button.For SuperOneClick press Root button directly if detected by PC.
  7. On completion the applications will inform you that rooting is now complete.
  8. REBOOT.

UnlockRoot                      soc

To confirm whether your device is rooted, use an app that requires super-user permission.

Enjoy your freedom, I personally would recommend the Cyanogenmod(Now also for android 4.1 jellybean ) for your rooted device to give you a glimpse of what android can do!


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  1. Jeff says:

    Great article. Thanks for the great guide !!

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