Andrubis: Scan & analyze android apks

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Andrubis is the analysis of mobile malware, motivated by the rise of malware on android devices, especially smartphones and tablets. The report provided by Andrubis gives the human analyst insight into various behavioral aspects and properties of a submitted app. To achieve comprehensive results, Andrubis employs both static and dynamic analysis approaches.

Andrubis executes Android apps in a sandbox and provides a detailed report on their behavior, including file access, network access, crypto operations, dynamic code loading and information leaks. In addition to the dynamic analysis in the sandbox, Andrubis also performs static analysis, yielding information on e.g. the app’s activities, services, required external libraries and actually required permissions.

In order not to reinvent the wheel, a lot of other tools are also being used in addition to the Android SDK:

  • DroidBox
  • TaintDroid
  • apktool
  • Androguard

Get Andrubis from here :

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