Cloud computing threats

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Cloud computing is computing resources i.e. hardware and software that is delivered through a network. Cloud computing faces various threats like Ddos, data theft through hacked servers or Man in the middle attack.

One of the most popular cloud attacks was with iCloud last year. iCloud is a cloud storage and computing service by Apple, by which users can sync there OSX and iOS data.

Mat Honan, a reporter from Gizmodo was attacked through iCloud. The attacker managed to wipe out Mat’s iPad, iPhone and MacBook air. The attacker also took control of Mat’s and Gizmodo’s twitter accounts. This attack was done through clever social engineering with Apple’s tech support to bypass security questions. Thus we saw that account hijacking lead to loss of complete data.

Initially cloud security drew attention in 2012 when dropbox employee had used the same password for all his accounts. Even his work account with access to sensitive data, one that contained user email addresses which lead them to get spammed. Although Dropbox has improved security by using a two-factor authentication system, some broader vulnerabilities have been found associated with registration, login, encryption, and shared data access on seven cloud storage sites.


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