Flame Malware : A Cyber WMD

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Flame, also known as Flamer or sKyWIper, is a highly sophisticated piece of computer malware that attacks computers running Windows.

Its discovery was first announced by MAHER Center, Iranian National CERT in May 2012.It is a malware toolkit that is being used for cyber espionage in Middle Eastern countries.Like the previously known cyber weapons Stuxnet and Daqa, it is employed in a targeted manner and can evade current security software. Once a system is infected, Flame can spread to other systems in the local network and can record audio, screenshots, keyboard activity and network traffic; these data, along with local documents, are then sent to command and control servers. It is a rather large program (20MB), written in the Lua scripting language with compiled C++ code linked in, and allows other attack modules to be loaded later. It has been operating in the wild at least since August 2010; the most affected countries are Iran, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi-Arabia and Egypt.

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