Hack into UBUNTU Operating System

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Many Colleges have UBUNTU based OS .

You might want to hack into it and change its password,setting.

After reading next 10 lines, You will realize that Hacking into any UBUNTU Based OS is not tough task.

Follow these steps to change ubuntu password without facing login menu. 

A)  If You have installed ubuntu alongside windows then boot menu will appear otherwise press “Shift”  key, Boot menu will appear.
B)  Now Select Recovery mode.
C) Now select Start root shell prompt or Drop to Root shell prompt.
D) Now, We have to change Password, but in Linux OS, Everything is found in filesystem i.e. “/”
   then to mount filesystem type  mount -o remount /

if this command gives you error then try mount -o rw, remount /
E)   To change Password username is required, If you know username then type passwd  “username
passwd is the command in linux to change password of user.

only root user have permission to change password of any user but a local user can change only his/her password.

but  don’t worry we are root user right now.
After performing passwd username

It will ask you for new password and to re-type it.

and see command successful .

e.g.     I know victims username and it is shashwat

             1.   mount -0 remount /

             2.  passwd shashwat

                   new-password: ********

                   re-type password: ********

F) But i don’t know the username now,

         You have already successfully mounted  filesystem then why to worry.

                   all username are  stored to /home

To see how many users are using this System type

       cd /home

   this will drop you to home directory now type  ls

 this command will give you list of users using this OS and numbers of ways to hack into this System You only have to select a name and perform step E)

G) After changing password, you can shutdoen system using command init 0.

    Now start System wait for login menu to appear select user You have changed password and type your new password.

  thats all !!!!!!

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