Raspberri Pwn : Pen test for Raspberry Pi

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Want to do penetration testing with your raspberry pi ?

Raspberry Pwn Released by Pwnie Express, Security enthusiasts can now easily turn their Raspberry Pi into a full-featured security penetration testing and auditing platform!


Installation Steps
  1. Change to the root user: # sudo -i
  2. Confirm your Raspberry Pi Debian release is at least 6.0: # cat /etc/debian_version
  3. Confirm you have internet access from your Raspberry Pi # ping google.com
  4. Install git: # aptitude -y install git
  5. Download the Raspberry Pwn installer from the Pwnie Express Github repository: # git clone https://github.com/pwnieexpress/Raspberry-Pwn.git
  6. CD into the Raspberry-Pwn folder and run the install script: # cd Raspberry-Pwn: # ./INSTALL_raspberry_pwn.sh

Its great to see how much we can do with the world’d cheapest, credit card size computer! This is a great utility for all security analysts   and hackers for there raspberry pi.

Learn more : http://pwnieexpress.com/

Similar tool Pwn Pi : http://www.pwnpi.com/

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