Warning: Malware spreading through fake facebook “notifications”

Posted In News - By K.C. On Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 With 1 Comment

Beware of emails saying that you have been tagged in a photo on facebook as they may be malware instead ! This is a result of a spam email campaign to spread malware.

Once you click on the link directing you to the “tagged photo”, your Web browser is taken to a malicious iFrame script that starts running the Blackhole exploit kit. Blackhole essentially opens a backdoor to your PC for more malware.

What makes this campaign even trickier is that within four seconds, your browser suddenly loads a real looking Facebook profile so you don’t have time to figure out something just went wrong.



How to protect yourself ?

In the email as shown above check the sender. The sender’s email is from faceboook.com instead of facebook.com !!


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  1. Great info ! Thanks.

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