What is a Hacker ?

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A Hacker is someone who understands and knows computers or technical equipment well, the “Cracker” is the person who takes that knowledge and uses it maliciously. In our dedication, we offer the world our services and technical knowledge in the most professional manor. We are here to show YOU that we are not the enemy, rather we are the expert “Go-To-Guy” who can help you solve your problems. Anywhere from basic computer troubleshooting, website design and troubleshooting, pen-testing, to semi-large scale operations, we’re here to give you the right answers that you need to succeed.

What A Hacker Is

“One who is proficient at using or programming a computer; a computer buff.”

“A computer enthusiast.”

“A technical-savvy person, proficient in technical eqiupment of any kind.”

What A Hacker Is NOT

“A microcomputer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems.”

“One who uses programming skills to gain illegal access to a computer network or file.”

“One who plants malicious software on a computer to gain illegal access to private information.”

“One who seeks to cause damage to a group or person or organization.”

Term “Hacker” Broken Down

“White Hat” – A “White Hat” hacker is nothing more than an “Ethical Hacker”, which is nothing more than the basic term of what true “hacker” is. This is the default.

“Gray-Hat” – A “Gray-Hat” hacker is a hacker who knows the difference between right and wrong, legal and illegal, but can smudge the line a bit when it comes to computer security. They still abide by the term of “White Hat Hacker” but are just as willing to get as close to the line as they can without crossing it.

“Black-Hat” – A “Black-Hat” hacker is a hacker who, either through ignorance or through arrogance/appathy, will not think twice to commit a computer crime. These hackers are also referred to by the term of “Cracker”.

“Skiddie/Script Kiddie” – A “Script Kiddie” (mostly referred to as a “Skiddie”) is a wanna-be hacker. They do not know much about hacking, how to hack, the laws behind hacking, and these comprise the majority of your Crackers. A Skiddie is a person who uses scripts and programs to conduct their hacks for them without having any real knowledge of how to actually hack.

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